Space Management

Make the most of the space in your self storage unit

When you are paying for container storage, you will probably want to make sure you use every last inch! But, it’s also sensible and saves time and stress if you pack logically so you can find what you need when you need it.

Here are some hints and tips for packing a self storage unit to ensure you maximise your space and know where everything is:



Before you start

Before you even start packing, get prepared. Use boxes that will stack on top of each other and label all your items so it’s easier to find them. If you want to be super organised, you can draw yourself a map of your storage unit as you go along. This is particularly useful if you are storing household goods. You can pack them into zones from different rooms.

Packing for success

The heaviest and bulkiest items should always go against the walls and at the back of your storage unit. You want to almost line the walls with your heavier boxes. Don’t forget to label them or write on the boxes and have that label facing outwards! Pack your smaller and lighter boxes inwards. Once you have the heavier items in, use any spare space around them to stuff in smaller items.



Frequently needed items

If there are items or boxes you know you may need to access, keep them for the front of the container. This might be seasonal clothing, important paperwork or even your Christmas decorations if it’s coming up to that time of year. You’ll be thankful you took the time to organise this when you realise you don’t need to empty the whole storage unit for one box tucked away in a far corner.

Heavy items

For large items such as wardrobes or beds, a top tip is to store them sideways to maximise your vertical space. You can then put less bulky items on top. Remember, the heavier the box, the nearer the floor it needs to be. This helps to optimise your space and to make sure it is all balanced. Save the gaps at the top of your storage unit for things like bags of clothes or duvets and pillows.



What you can store

Anything as long as it is not illegal, inflammable, corrosive or perishable. No live animals or food can be stored.

Larger space, easier to manage

It’s worth considering, if budget allows, renting a slightly larger storage unit than you actually need. This will allow you the luxury of creating a corridor down the middle of the unit, allowing you easy access to all your items and boxes. It’s generally safer this way and you are less likely to have boxes falling down if you have a bit more space.


Are you ready to choose your storage container rental?

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